How do I know if my furniture needs reupholstering?

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How do I know if my furniture needs reupholstering?

|October 3, 2022 | Upholstery

If you are a business owner, chances are the time will come when your furniture will start to become a little shabby. Rather than go out and spend a lot of money on brand new replacement furniture, you can benefit from reupholstering, which will save your business money and give the same desired effect of a fresh, new look. As well as saving your business money, it is also better for the environment.

So how do you know if your furniture needs reupholstering? We will look at some tell-tale signs below:

Stains and damage:

Sometimes the unfortunate will happen, and your furniture will become the victim of a spill or damage, which is sometimes unavoidable. These things happen, whether it’s a customer’s coffee spillage, a child’s muddy shoes, or an accidental rip. Our contract upholstery service is here to help. We will ensure that your furniture is restored to its former glory and will look as good as new. Our contact upholstery services help businesses in clubs, restaurants, pubs, bars, offices, shops, museums, hotels and many more.

If you have a stained or damaged piece of furniture, contact our experts today, and we can discuss reupholstery options with you.

Flat, sagging cushions:

If your furniture cushions have become worn and are flat, it can mean that your furniture is not as inviting and comfortable for your guests. Our contract upholstery services can offer restoration to your cushions, making sure that they are plump and fluffy and your guests are comfortable when they are on your premises.

Age-related wear and tear:

It goes without saying that over the years, your furniture will not look as good as when you first purchased it due to multiple uses. Even if your furniture is not standard shape or unusual, our experts will be happy to help. We have a wealth of knowledge and pride ourselves on fantastic refurbishing upholstery.

Cracks or damage:

If not looked at quickly, cracks and damage can soon escalate into further damage. Not only does reupholstering damage quickly ensure that further damage is maintained, but also it shows that you are a professional establishment and do not have damaged furniture. If your furniture is damaged, it can look uneasy on the eye and also shabby to your customers

Tears in the furniture:

You know it’s time to look at the re-upholstery of your furniture when tears and frays are seen. All businesses want to make a good impression on visitors and customers, so having frays and tears in your furniture is a big no. Reupholstering your furniture will ensure you give a great first impression and maintain your much-loved furniture pieces.

So here at contract joinery upholstery, we pride ourselves on fantastic reupholstery services. Our workforce is passionate about what we do, which shows in our work. If you need reupholstery services or want to learn more about what we do, contact us today and speak to one of our friendly team.

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