Contract joinery and upholstery are specialist in banquette seating

Contract joinery and upholstery are specialist in banquette seating

|March 21, 2023 | Banquette Seating

Banquette seating designs are extremely popular with our restaurant, cafe and bar clients. Most of the time banquette seating is built against a wall and sometimes can be called bench seating, booth seating and fixed seating.

Banquette seating can often be much more practical than individual seating by maximising seating capacity. They can also be used as a dividing feature giving your customers a more private dining or entertaining space. Banquette seating is also often slightly wider than an individual chair so can be more comfortable.

Our banquette seating is designed specifically to your requirements and upholstered to the highest standard with a vast array of fabric, colours and designs to choose from. Given that banquette seating is mainly used within the hospitality sector many of our clients choose to opt for easy to clean and wipe fabrics or patterned fabrics which can help to hide food and drink spillages. Our experts will help guide you through the options when it comes to choosing your banquette seating. We will come to your premises and take a good look at the space and surroundings where you require banquette seating as we will need to take into account your skirting boards and existing pipe work.

The banquette seating will be built to order for you from scratch. The sizing really depends on the chairs that you choose. As a rough guide banquette seating is usually around 470mm deep but can go up to 520mm deep if it is more a lounge effect you require. Back height really depends on the look that you are after from your banquette seating. High backs can make for a more dramatic look.

Banquette seating can be made extremely comfortable using sprung seating options. You can also choose to opt for platform seating which is foam on board which is often less expensive but not as luxurious.

Banquette seat backs;

There are different styles of backs that you can choose from for your banquette seating.

  • Plain back – This is as it sounds a plain, simple clean lined back to the seating with no creases or joins you can have patterned or plain fabrics.
  • Button Back – You can opt for deep button, square button, float button and many more. Button backs offer additional texture and add some extra glam to the seating.
  • Fluted Back – Fluted backs offer more depth to the seating and can be fully fluted, stitch fluted or pocket fluted
  • Roll Backs – This gives the effect of rolls in the fabric and is a modern contemporary style
  • Settee box arms – Many banquette seating designs have no arms box settee arms can be added to give a more private seating area feel and additional comfort
  • Solid panel arms – These give a booth effect and add for a more private seating experience

There are many options when it comes to banquette seating and here at contract joinery and upholstery, we are experts at banquette seating so contact us and we will see how we can help you get the banquette seating you require.

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